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Homebridge, Inc.

Chief Operating Officer



Homebridge is a San Francisco-based, community-serving nonprofit that makes independent living possible through creative and supportive home care services. The agency’s primary activity is operating a large, government-funded (MediCAL/IHSS) service delivery program that supports more than 1,000 older adults and people who have health, behavioral and/or social needs. Homebridge’s innovative, client-centered model of care consists of continually trained small care teams that assist and support clients in achieving their individualized goals, enabling them to remain safely in the community.


To accomplish this challenging work, Homebridge operates an industry-leading workforce development program through which the agency recruits, trains, and supports over 300 full-time professional caregivers – more than 70% of whom are women of color. A program and administrative team of 90 support the workforce in their service delivery. With an operating budget of nearly $30M, Homebridge is recognized as being at the forefront of community-based care for complexly diagnosed individuals at risk of institutionalization or homelessness. Throughout California, Homebridge is acknowledged and respected for its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and its work supporting the most vulnerable in our community.  


As a collaborative partner and grantee of the City and County of San Francisco’s Department of Disability and Aging Services, Office on Economic and Workforce Development, and Office on Aging, Homebridge is also one of the largest non-profit employer/trainers of caregivers in California with a nationally recognized training team that provides adult-centered learning to over 1,200 people each year. Homebridge is a Big Data agency with excellent infrastructure and strong program funding from both government agencies and private foundations. It takes pride in the fact that its staff represent dozens of cultures and backgrounds and speak over 25 languages.  To learn more, visit




As a member of Homebridge’s senior leadership team, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) will oversee Homebridge’s day-to-day operations and provide strategic vision, leadership and direction to the organization’s Human Resource, Program, Workforce Development,  Information Technology and Facility operations. Reporting to the Executive Director (ED), the COO will oversee a staff of over 300, with direct supervision of the Directors of Programs, Information Technology, Human Resources, Recruiting and Workforce Development.


The COO will manage and evaluate Homebridge’s core programs and services designed to enable clients to live independently in the community. The COO will partner with the ED and Director, Programs on developing potential new program initiatives and be responsible for final program design and allocation of resources for any pilot or new program service.


The COO will also partner with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)on a continuing basis to review and refine organizational forecasts and budgets and with the Director of Nursing on the organization’s response to any public health related emergency. In addition, they will work collaboratively with the ED and Chief External Affairs Officer (CEAO) to promote and advocate for Homebridge’s programs to external stakeholders and potential collaborators.


A major component of the COO role will be to lead the human capital strategy for the organization, including leading initiatives to drive recruitment and retention, workforce development and other human resource initiatives. In partnership with colleagues in HR and Workforce Development, the COO will have ultimate responsibility for caregiver staff and administrative employee training, employee relations, and talent performance management in accordance with the policies and practices of the agency, governmental organizations and other regulatory/advisory authorities.


The COO will be responsible for the evolution and transformation of Homebridge’s technology systems and its data analysis and display capabilities. With the Director of IT, the COO will refine the vision and strategy used for technology and data within the organization to improve operations. The COO will manage the budget and purchasing for technology (hardware, software and support) and office and program supplies/equipment.


The COO will oversee management of Facility operations for the organization. They will be responsible for long-term facilities planning based on the organization’s strategic plan, including office utilization, meeting room accessibility, building renovations, etc. The COO will direct facilities-related personnel to monitor environmental impact and take the appropriate steps to mitigate those impacts.





  • Work collaboratively with members of the Homebridge leadership team to create and implement strategies that impact the organization’s future growth and direction

  • Continuously evaluate Homebridge’s current program, technology, workforce, and HR related assets, aligning them with the strategic goals of the organization

  • Recruit, develop and support Program, HR, Workforce, and Information Technology staffs

  • Work closely with direct reports to translate priorities into strategic action plans that optimize resources and set appropriate expectations

  • Ensure that the company’s operations adhere to applicable laws and regulations, as well as to the values and mission of the organization

  • Negotiate contractual agreements on behalf of Homebridge relating to its operations, including labor relations

  • Serve as staff liaison to the Board’s Program Performance and Workforce committees

  • Embrace, model and advance the agency’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Initiative in all aspects

  • Work closely with CFO to ensure the agency’s fiscal sustainability and to identify appropriate and adequate support for future initiatives or new programs  


  • Provide support and guidance to the Director, Programs regarding operational management and evaluation of Homebridge’s caregiving programs

  • Develop strategies for launching new or enhancing current programmatic activities

  • Oversee Programs’ forecasting and annual budgeting and monitoring process

  • Monitor the effectiveness and quality of Homebridge Programs 

  • Manage, strengthen and grow agency infrastructure to support new and existing programs


Information Technology 

  • Working with IT leadership and staff, grow and build Homebridge’s technology infrastructure. Anticipate technology scale and capability challenges and needs

  • Develop and enable Homebridge’s communication systems, including network/cloud infrastructure, end user devices and selecting the right applications for communications

  • Ensure the security of the agency’s IT assets and take appropriate steps to reduce the possibility of a data breach

  • Oversee the business data and analytics function, including developing and maintaining a robust set of metrics and reporting tools to help managers and others across the organization regularly assess performance

Talent Development and Management 

  • Serve as strategic advisor and functional expert to the Homebridge leadership team regarding talent management strategies, initiatives and issues

  • Build and lead the vision for talent management. Guide and support operational directors as they develop and execute comprehensive HR, employee relations, talent management and compensation strategies in alignment with the organization’s strategic plan

  • Promote Homebridge’s workforce by evaluating, improving and expanding the organization’s successful STEPs program and by creating internal and external opportunities for staff advancement and outplacement

  • Propose and lead initiatives that assess staff training, engagement and satisfaction with an eye toward continuous improvement and positive employer/employee relationships

Facility Operations

  • Serve as strategic advisor and functional expert to the ED and leadership team regarding facilities utilization, maintenance and long-term planning

  • Direct the management of daily operations, including ensuring environmental comfort and health, sufficient supplies, functioning equipment, etc.

  • Direct the planning of space utilization and occupancy and assessment of needs




Homebridge encourages interest from a diverse candidate pool. The agency seeks an applicant who brings the appropriate combination of skills and experience with which to execute the necessary job functions.  It actively recruits candidates with a broad combination of education, training, skills, lived experience and voice who can add perspective, help it to grow and who enhance the shared values of its community.




  • Bachelor’s degree required. Advanced training or specialized education (or equivalent experience) in public health, public policy, finance or related areas may be desirable.


  • A minimum of 15 years of relevant experience required, ideally in management consulting, nonprofit administration, business operations or similar field. Familiarity with human services and nonprofit management preferred

  • Experience joining organizations, establishing credibility and methodically implementing robust and effective practices and systems

  • Experience setting the operational vision and strategy for an organization in order to produce effective changes and improvements to administrative functions

  • Proven strategic planning and project management skills and the ability to translate strategies from plans to action

  • Experience building and maintaining relationships with a wide array of people, including managing and building internal and external partnerships and coalitions

  • Experience hiring, training, mentoring, and managing teams

  • Experience modernizing core IT systems and infrastructure and anticipating and adapting to IT transformations to increase business outcomes, fortify security and manage increasing amounts of data

  • Demonstrable history of supporting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in practice, policies and process




The successful professional will have or be:

  • Integrity, credibility and a commitment to and passion for Homebridge’s mission

  • Proven leadership developed through several years in senior management roles

  • Strong project management skills overseeing complex, multifaceted projects that resulted in measurable successes and growth

  • Strength in recruiting, managing, coaching, and retaining staff in ways that empower them to elevate their levels of responsibility, span-of-control and performance

  • Familiarity with a broad range of technologies, their functions and interrelatedness

  • Familiarity with a broad range of HR policies, functions, and leading practices

  • Emotional intelligence and the ability to build and broker relationships across teams to promote a culture of self-start and accountability

  • Superior communication skills with an ability to articulate a clear and compelling vision and lead others to implementation

  • Energetic, flexible, collaborative, and proactive; a team leader who can positively and productively direct both strategic and tactical initiatives

  • Strong interpersonal skills that include the ability to inspire and motivate

  • Commitment to promoting a multicultural team environment where diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are embedded into all aspects of the agency’s operations

  • Ability to analyze program, policy, and advocacy issues and communicate findings and recommendations to a variety of audiences

  • Understanding of government funding agencies and contracting practices




A competitive salary and generous employee benefits package will be offered. To be considered for this position or for additional information on the opportunity, please send a resume and cover letter to or contact:

David N. Randall


Randall Search Associates

415 769 4210

Homebridge is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer committed to maintaining a non-discriminatory, diverse work environment.

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